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Portfolio: Vimg.co

Vimg.co is a personal project of mine to solve a problem I was having: Whether I was talking with friends over Skype or with coworkers on Slack, I wanted to share pictures with them. In 2015 you'd think this would be taken for granted and there would be a bazillion apps made for that. There weren't, and I had to open up the Camera.app, take a picture, upload it to Dropbox, then on my laptop I'd go to the Dropbox folder and get the public link for the image.

This was way too cumbersome and I've decided to fix that.

Vimg.co allows you to take a picture and upload it in a couple taps. A short URL appears on your iPhone/iPad screen and you can just type it out on Slack/Skype/whatever.

Technology Stack

Since this is a personal project, I've decided to use the cutting-edge language Apple developed: Swift.

I've never worked with it before but I quickly got the hang of it.

The AVFoundation framework was leveraged to get access to the phone's camera directly and I've used SwiftHTTP to handle the photo upload to the server.

The server app was built using Laravel 5 and it leverages Amazon S3 for storing the photos online. The short IDs are generated with the Hashids library.

Rui Gomes

Rui Gomes

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