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Portfolio: CETASoft RESTful API

CETA Software is a company from the UK who writes software and websites for production and post-production facilities, as well as broadcast-hire companies.1

I've worked closely with CETA's team to develop a RESTful API to enable access to their data on all kinds of web and mobile applications.

Technology Stack

The API was built on top of Laravel, a modern PHP framework. The main goal was to create application modules that are as flexible as possible, to make sure building upon the API was an easy process. To accomplish that we've built a SOLID layer with Repositories, Services and Transformers and modeled all of the existing data tables into PHP models.

OAuth2 was used to implement a secure authentication system, using existing user data.

CETA has been around for a vast amount of time with a lot of success on their field of work, and consequently they have accumulated thousands of user records that needed to be formatted and converted to JSON in a proper fashion.
To do so, we've leveraged the league/fractal Composer package and built a custom transformation layer that handled all the data, with several layers of nesting, converting it into easy to use JSON objects.

Rui Gomes

Rui Gomes

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