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Helping my college fight crime with AntiGatunos.com

There's recently been a huge wave of robberies near my college. It has been covered on national news at RTP and several other mainstream news channels in Portugal.

To help fight this, I've created a web app that allows students to report robberies and also sightings of already identified robbers. It was a very small project, that was done under a lot of pressure - college finals were the priority - but I managed to get it done in an afternoon or so.

The app is not online anymore but I've made the source code available at Github.

What's under the hood

The web app was built using Laravel, which is definitely my go-to choice when it comes to fast PHP development. I had a beta version online in under 4 hours.

Twitter's Bootstrap was used to make the very simplistic frontend (I'm more of a backend guy myself).

I've used Jeffrey Way's generators to speed up my development process, the Facebook PHP SDK to handle logins and a Geocoder to convert addresses in coordinates.

The website is hosted with Digital Ocean, using nginx and MySQL.

Some Statistics

On it's first 24 hours online, AntiGatunos.com achieved nearly 200 users and around 10k pageviews. It helped hundreds of students to track down "hotspots" with the Google Maps markers available at the homepage.

To make it more useful, I've also included a few emergency buttons that allow students to place a call to the nearby police station or even text the college security number.

By the way, I'm available on Twitter (@ruigomeseu), feel free to follow me for more side projects info and random drops of knowledge :)

Rui Gomes

Rui Gomes

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