Software development is something that has always fascinated me. Being able to produce software with a great level of complexity while keeping code useable and easily understandable, with the use of the appropriated design patterns should be considered a work of art.

Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.

Contributing to the community and help others build better software will be my active role within this blog. I strongly think that there is no right pattern or even a right way to develop software. However, throughout my years of experience in this field, I've grown used to patterns that have helped me building complex apps in a simple manner.

Being a strong PHP supporter, most of my examples will focus on this language. I won't waste much time explaining why PHP and I will certainly avoid the whole PHP: a fractal of bad design scene, although I can be quite the evangelist :-P

I hope I can give my share of knowledge back to the community.

See you around :)