2018 in review

This is the fourth iteration of my year in review. It's a little bit short since I didn't feel like writing the article at the end of the year.

As per usual, there will be 4 main sections: Career, Health, Personal and Goals. The usual disclaimer that this is mostly for my future reference and there will be boring stuff ahead applies.


The year started off on a bad note:
DecisionTree, the company was working for in the previous year, ended abruptly. I got an invitation to work at another company which eventually turned out to be a nightmare. Lies, unpaid invoices, the whole nine yards.

I spent some time doing freelancing, when later in the year a good friend of mine challenged me to help him and his team complete an MVP for what would become OpenNode - the startup I had the pleasure to help grow from the ground up.

Together with the rest of the team, we've been navigating through ups and downs and we managed to secure a seed round lead by Tim Draper.


The surgery I got last year fixed all the issues I had been having, so there are no other health issues to report.

I've finally got back on a semi-active life, going to the gym regularly thanks to the amazing coworking place I'm working from now - JAVACowork. Their downstairs gym is a godsend.

Goals for 2018

First, let's go over my goals for 2018:

I've done some travelling and visited Greece and Spain (Marbella and Salamanca). I'll say this was a W in my book.

I've gotten back to my fitness routine, so that's another check.

I haven't invested in my investment account as heavily as I should have, but I found and fell in love with bitcoin, so I have started to invest in that also. I've accumulated some BTC, let's see where that is at in 5 to 10 years from now.

I've also launched a product - Lightning Spin - which grew beyond my wildest dreams. It has had thousands of users and it's been a blast running that site. I've also launched Bitcoin Sticker Pack.
Obviously the highlight is being part of OpenNode, where I had the opportunity to launch the MVP and then our brand new v2 design.

My goals for 2019 are to:

  1. Keep travelling!
  2. Accumulate wealth, be it in ETFs, bitcoin and in my savings account.
  3. Launch more products
  4. Keep the gym routine
  5. Help OpenNode grow by 10x

See you next year!

Rui Gomes

Rui Gomes

Web Developer, Internet Marketing enthusiast and Student@FEUP. That pretty much sums it up.

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