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2017 In Review

I've been writing annual posts about how my year went for 3 years now, and this is yet another one of those.

As per usual, there will be 4 main sections: Career, Health, Personal and Goals. The usual disclaimer that this is mostly for my future reference and there will be boring stuff ahead applies.


2017 marked the year that I finally finished my studies, having finished my MSc in Computer Science at FEUP. It was a looong journey, but it was definitely valuable. I made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime, improved myself as a person and it made me a much better engineer. This is definitely understated when it comes to the value of going to engineering school. Sure, you're not going to learn about the latest and greatest Javascript framework, but that's not the point. Being a good engineer, a person that has great analytical thinking skills is what engineering school is all about. If you're a good engineer, you'll manage to figure out that fancy technology everyone's raving about.

Having finished my education, I'm now 100% focused on my career. I've worked most of the year at Ad3Media, and lately I've worked with a couple other startups, like DecisionTree and KindCRM. It has definitely been a year with a lot of job changes, but such is startup life.

I've also attended Laracon US 2017 in NYC. I managed to stay for a week in the city, which was amazing. I've visited dozens of places that I used to see in movies and TV shows, met a couple of my previous coworkers from Welkio, went out for drinks, spent some time with a college friend that was also in NYC at the time and it was a blast. The conference was pretty good too :)


I've used to have some tonsillitis problems, but this year was definitely rough when it comes to that. After a series of 10+ tonsilitis in a short span of time, my doctor and I decided that it would be best to have surgery to fix the issue. As soon as I came back from NYC, I had a tonsillectomy. The recovery time wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

I've slacked off on going to the gym yet again. I don't have the right motivation yet, so I have to find a way to incorporate it as part of my routine this year.

Friends, Family and Relationship

Friends are good, family is good. Lets revisit relationships next year.

Goals for 2018

First, let's go over my goals for 2017:

Despite not having traveled a whole lot, but I enjoyed my week off in NYC so much that I definitely feel like I checked the traveling checkbox.

I didn't get back on track with my fitness routine. I know I can get motivated for a couple weeks or so, but after that wears off, incorporating gym time into my routine turns into such a drag that I just stop going. This definitely needs revisiting in 2018.

I started my savings account and I think that will be one of the best decisions I've ever made. It has the obvious benefit that you are saving money, but it also helps you put a lot of things into perspective. Why would I buy a fancy expensive car when I can save that money and have a ton of compound interest waiting for me over the next 30 years?
I saved a small 5 figures amount, which isn't plenty, but it's definitely a good start. The USD/EUR rate made it so that my investment's ROI was only about ~1.1% in EUR, despite being up around 7% in USD.

Let's set some goals for the year to come now.

Keep travelling

I hope that this item stays on my goals list for as long as I'm healthy and financially sound. I always recall traveling as the best and most memorable moments I had, so I want to keep doing it.

Last year I had already booked a trip to NYC, so it was clearer that this goal would be accomplished, but there are still 12 months ahead of me to plan a new trip.

Get back on track with my fitness routine

This was on my goals list last year but I made 0 progress on it. I have to make sure to change it this year.

Keep growing my investment account

Now that I started my investment account, my plan is to keep investing, live well below my means and have a sound financial plan that will hopefully in a few long years allow me to have full financial freedom.
This is a very long-term plan, but if you're just an average Joe, the only way to achieve financial freedom is to constantly work on it, so that's what I will do.

Launch a product

I've had dozens of products over the years, some made me some money, some lost me some money. I'm very motivated to build, but not so much to stick to a product, market it, and build an audience, so I hope I can find some spare time to work on this goal in 2018.

That's it for 2017. It was a great year, full of things I hope to cherish for years to come. It certainly had its bad moments, but such is life. As long as I stay on track with my overall goals and vision for the future, I'm a happy camper.